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PowerSchool Tech Note This is a notice for an upcoming maintenance that is being conducted on our SaaS platform. There is intermittent downtime associated with this maintenance. Please see below details. Maintenance Window: Friday September 13, 2019 11:45pm - Sunday September 15, 2019 11:45 pm PDT. Applications unavailable during this maintenance: PowerSchool SIS. Reason for Maintenance: We are performing operating system/security patching on PowerSchool SIS. There will be intermittent connectivity to the aforementioned applications for the duration of the maintenance window. Home Base Maintenance Weekend Schedule for 2019-2020 September 20 - 23;October 18 - 21;November 15 - 18;December 20 - 23;January 17-20;February 14 - 17;March 20 - 23;April 17 - 20;May 15 - 18. Typically, Home Base will be brought down on Friday at 5 PM and returned to service no later than Monday, at 6 AM on scheduled maintenance weekends.